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Pat Riley Says Magic Johnson Could Beat LeBron James One-on-One

Miami Heat president Pat Riley and Los Angeles Lakers president Magic Johnson

Atreya Verma

Miami Heat Rumors: Heat Not Willing to Overpay to Keep Dion Waiters

While shooting guard Dion Waiters has previously indicated that he'd like to return

Brad Sullivan

Video: Pat Riley Comments on LeBron James Making His Seventh Straight Finals

The chief architect of bringing LeBron James to Miami in July 2010

Brad Sullivan

Report: Los Angeles Lakers President Magic Johnson Being Mentored by Pat Riley

Magic Johnson was one of the central links to the Los Angeles

Brad Sullivan

Pat Riley Says Erik Spoelstra ‘Absolutely’ Deserves Strong Consideration for Coach of the Year

For the past two months, the Miami Heat (31-34) have been one

Justin Benjamin

Magic Johnson Says Hassan Whiteside Is an Early Candidate for Most Valuable Player

Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside is off to a strong start this

Justin Benjamin