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Dwyane Wade says Anthony Edwards is doing things that haven’t been seen since 2006

Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade declared that the things Minnesota Timberwolves star

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Anthony Edwards lights up while talking about Miami Heat culture and Erik Spoelstra

Anthony Edwards has returned the favor to Erik Spoelstra, praising the Miami

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Social media launches idea of Anthony Edwards joining Miami Heat after seeing him with Erik Spoelstra

Minnesota Timberwolves star Anthony Edwards is getting a chance this summer to

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Andre Iguodala raves about Anthony Edwards: ‘He need 2 months of Miami basketball, and it’s over with’

During a recent conversation with Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade, Andre Iguodala

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Anthony Edwards on mini scuffle with Jimmy Butler: ‘He ain’t finna fight nobody’

The Minnesota Timberwolves got the best of the Miami Heat on Wednesday.

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Anthony Edwards makes it clear he approves of Jimmy Butler and Karl-Anthony Towns talking trash

The verbal sparring that took place on Friday night between the Miami

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Dwyane Wade on Anthony Edwards: ‘I definitely think he can be a better player than I was’

Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade believes that Minnesota Timberwolves rookie Anthony Edwards

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Dwyane Wade makes a bold claim about NBA draft prospect Anthony Edwards

Dwyane Wade made a bold prediction about the player he believes deserves

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