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Stats Prove Miami Heat’s Defense Among Best in League

"Offense sells tickets, but defense wins championships" is the old adage. And

Sergio Bonilla

The Key Numbers Behind Miami’s Recent Defensive Struggles

Defense wins championships. We’ve all heard it; if you know sports, it’s

Eric Edelman

Heat Will Likely Unveil New Defense For 2014-15 Season

It’s one of the oldest stereotypes in sports let alone basketball—defense wins

Eric Edelman

Miami’s Team Defense: The Need for Consistency

Defeating the Boston Celtics in seven games and the Oklahoma City Thunder

Matthew Dziak

Miami’s Offensive Defense: Anomaly Or Trend?

Coming into the season, much of the talk about the composition of

bradabomba69@hotmail.com' Dustin Kent

LeBron, Heat Dominate Bucks, Finally

At the start of the ball game, things were ever so familiar,

Heat Nation staff