Miami Heat: The 25 Greatest Players in Franchise History

Miami Heat: The 25 Greatest Players in Franchise History

6. Chris Bosh


Chris Bosh will always be overshadowed by the other “Big Three” members when people discuss the greatest players in franchise history, but that doesn’t negate the fact that Bosh is one of the six greatest players to ever wear a Heat jersey.

Before arriving in Miami in 2010, Bosh was a four-time All-Star who led the Toronto Raptors to two playoff berths and a division title. Despite having to play a lesser role and adjust his playing style more than either of the other members of the “Big Three,” Bosh notched four more All-Star appearances under his belt and won two championships in the process.

Still a member of the Heat to this day as they reload in the post-LeBron era, the veteran center has averaged 17.7 points along with 7.4 rebounds per game during his stint in Miami.

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