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Former Miami Heat superstar says team needs to unleash Terry Rozier: ‘You gotta let him go’

Tim Hardaway seems to think that Miami Heat guard Terry Rozier is

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Tim Hardaway says Victor Wembanyama will be an ‘alright’ basketball player

Tim Hardaway isn’t among those totally buying into the overwhelming hype for

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Tim Hardaway says Miami Heat are not getting Damian Lillard

Former Miami Heat star Tim Hardaway doesn't think his old team is

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Tim Hardaway earns love from Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem for heartfelt shout-out of Henry Thomas during HOF speech

Former Miami Heat star Tim Hardaway recently crossed over to the Hall

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Tim Hardaway says Kyle Lowry isn’t fat and wears football pads to make himself look bigger

Though NBA fans across the United States tend to agree that Miami

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Tim Hardaway apologizes for his ‘I hate gay people’ comments from 15 years ago: ‘I was just taught differently’

Former Miami Heat guard Tim Hardaway has expressed regret for his controversial

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Report: Miami Heat legend Tim Hardaway joined New York Knicks in scouting role this season

Miami Heat legend Tim Hardaway reportedly spent the 2021-22 NBA season in

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Tim Hardaway reveals which Miami Heat accomplishment he’s most proud of with confident statement

While Dwyane Wade is thought of as the best and most impactful

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