Top 10 Priorities for the Miami Heat This Offseason: Part 1

Top 10 Priorities for the Miami Heat This Offseason: Part 1

Kevin Durant and Hassan Whiteside

2. Re-Sign Hassan Whiteside

Miami Heat News: Hassan Whiteside Not Available for Game 7 vs. Raptors

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Whiteside is a free agent entering the offseason and is largely considered to receive a max contract by one team or another before the summer ends. With Riley stating that re-signing him is the team’s No. 1 priority, chances are that he and the organization will do everything it takes to bring back the 7-footer. Miami is the team that helped Whiteside rise to relevancy and establish his game to a near-elite level and Whiteside is sure to remember that when meeting with the Heat this summer.

The Heat run this organization like a family and that is likely to help secure Whiteside’s trust in the franchise. However, if the Heat do indeed hope to make a serious run at Durant, they must consider his needs over Whiteside’s.

Here’s what Dan LeBatard of the Miami Herald had to say about it:

“All I’m telling you is priority number one is not get Dwyane locked up, Whiteside locked up — number one on the list is can you get the superstar (Durant) that is the big get in free agency while also taking care of your people around that?” Le Batard said. “The last two seasons what you’ve experienced is building towards that with makeshift parts, with bandages, with salary cap caulk, fix-a-flat…”

Next: Re-Sign Dwyane Wade

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