Five Reasons Why Miami Heat Fans Shouldn't Panic

Five Reasons Why Miami Heat Fans Shouldn’t Panic


4. Miami Plays in the Eastern Conference

Luckily for Miami, they’re not in the Western Conference. Only in the Eastern Conference can you have a sub-.500 record and still rest easy knowing a playoff spot is right around the corner. At 9-10, the Heat are currently a 7th seed in the East, whereas the 9-10 Denver Nuggets are currently a 10th seed in the West. Regardless, playing in a weaker conference doesn’t excuse mediocre play, especially when you’re in the midst of a tough road trip that continues in Memphis on Sunday. Miami should be able to remain competitive and gather some much needed momentum going forward; however, rest assured, even if their record dips, as long as they finish with an even record or better late in the season, they should be fine considering a six-game-below-.500 Atlanta Hawks squad locked down an 8th seed in last year’s playoffs.

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