Five Reasons Why Miami Heat Fans Shouldn't Panic

Five Reasons Why Miami Heat Fans Shouldn’t Panic


2. It’s Still Early

Miami has only played 19 games, and they’re one game below .500. That’s hardly anything to panic about. The NBA is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s the same reason star guard Dwyane Wade has been in and out of the lineup to ensure he’s rested come playoff time. Make no mistake, Miami has to play better, but the season is still very young. In the 2010-11 campaign, a similar transition year for Miami, the team started 11-8. Just two more wins, two fewer losses than this current roster has at the present moment. That year’s team had James and Wade in their primes, but they still struggled early on because it took time to develop the chemistry mentioned earlier. Despite the rocky start, Miami went on to make the NBA Finals that season, and although they lost, it was a testament to their ability to shake off the early-season struggles. The Heat in 2014-15 knows the health of D-Wade is paramount going forward, and they’ll be willing to sacrifice wins in the early going to develop their young talent and preserve their weapons for when the real season begins.

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