5 Reasons Why The Playoffs Aren't The Same Without The Miami Heat

5 Reasons Why The Playoffs Aren’t The Same Without The Miami Heat

Cleveland Cavaliers v Miami Heat

3. Most Successful Eastern Conference Franchise in Recent Memory

The Miami Heat players, coaches, owner and other staff pose with the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy after their team defeated the San Antonio Spurs in Game 7 to win the NBA Finals basketball playoff in Miami

Since 2005, there have been just four teams representing the East in the NBA Finals other than the Heat—the Detroit Pistons, Cleveland Cavaliers, Celtics and Orlando Magic. Of those franchises, Miami is the only team to have gone to the finals on more than two occasions.

Despite the Heat being such a young franchise (27 seasons), they have accomplished a lot in just a little amount of time. Their three championships represent the fifth-highest total in NBA history.

It has become an annual visual to watch the Heat face off in classic rivalries with teams such as the San Antonio Spurs, Indiana Pacers, Chicago Bulls and Celtics in the playoffs.

Due to the absence of Miami from the postseason, you won’t be seeing a continuation of the aforementioned rivalries.

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