5 Bold Predictions for the Miami Heat This Season

5 Bold Predictions for the Miami Heat This Season


3. Chris Andersen Won’t Be Traded This Season

Chris Andersen Miami Heat

Chris Andersen, along with Mario Chalmers, remain on the trade block as the Heat look to shed their luxury tax bill as much as possible.

Both players have one year left on their contracts, with Andersen at a $5 million cap figure and Chalmers at a $4.3 million cap hit.

Ideally speaking, Miami would like to get rid of both players. They would likely take anything in return when it pertains to trading both Andersen and Chalmers.

However, Andersen is 37 years old and has always been an extremely limited player. He is great in short spurts as a high energy guy, but his value as a player is only to a select few NBA clubs.

The veteran center is a non-factor on the offensive side of the ball, but can give you 15-to-20 minutes of straight-up hustle. The only value Andersen has is for teams that are contending for championships.

If the Heat are one of the elite teams in the NBA this season as expected, there is no way the organization is trading him to a rival like the Cleveland Cavaliers or Chicago Bulls.

Expect Andersen to remain a member of the Heat for the duration of the 2015-16 season.

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