Rasheed Wallace shares off-the-court reason why Jimmy Butler should stay with the Miami Heat

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Jimmy Butler’s future with the Miami Heat remains up in the air, even if some NBA executives reportedly believe the star will most likely stay with the Heat in the long run.

Miami had a disappointing first-round loss in the 2024 playoffs, with Butler never playing a single minute in the team’s series against the Boston Celtics due to an injury. Even so, he and the Heat have looked like a match made in heaven at times during their partnership.

Retired big man Rasheed Wallace believes the six-time All-Star shouldn’t leave his current employer due in part to one interesting factor: weather.

“People don’t realize and understand how f—— key weather is to your career,” said Wallace while discussing the idea of Butler joining the Philadelphia 76ers. “If you got guys like, man, Kobe [Bryant] was lucky as s— to play in L.A. his whole career. Tim Duncan was lucky as s— to play in San Antonio his whole career.”

Wallace’s words may certainly be worth considering for the 34-year-old Butler. With all the injuries he has accumulated throughout his career, “Jimmy Buckets” may want to choose to play in a city that is beneficial for his physical and mental health.

“You talking about a majority of hot-weather cities, where, s—, you feeling good,” Wallace added. “It’s a different mindset goin’ into the game ’cause now your body, you’re not achin’, that tendinitis ain’t hurtin’. But granted, you still play in a couple cold cities, but I’m only there for a couple days. … But man, it’s a big difference when you in that cold city and that hot city, man.”

Given that he was born in Philadelphia and continues to root for the Sixers, Wallace possibly recruiting the Heat star to his hometown squad would be understandable. Reuniting Butler with Joel Embiid and giving Tyrese Maxey a no-nonsense mentor could transform the Sixers into legitimate championship contenders.

However, the former Detroit Pistons champion stated that if he were in Butler’s shoes, he would rather remain in Miami.

“So with him down there in Miami, s—, I’d stay in Miami if I’m Buckets (Butler),” Wallace continued. “Like, stay right down there in Miami and set your little s— up down there, whatever. You got a good team. They just need a true center, I think. … I don’t think he’ll come back to Philly.”

The Heat are coming off a season that began with high expectations and ended with a thud.

The 2022-23 campaign saw the team overcome numerous Eastern Conference stars, namely Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jalen Brunson and Jayson Tatum, to book a trip to the NBA Finals. Unfortunately, the Denver Nuggets proved too strong in the championship series.

Miami was looking to build off of its second NBA Finals appearance in four years in the 2023-24 season. However, the injury bug bit the squad hard, with Butler missing 22 games in the regular season and Tyler Herro missing 40. Bam Adebayo also sat out 11 matches.

Hopefully, the Heat won’t have to deal with serious health issues in the next campaign. It remains to be seen, though, if Butler will still be on the roster then.

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