Kyle Lowry declares he'll make Bam Adebayo 'feel like Superman' on Miami Heat - Heat Nation

Kyle Lowry declares he’ll make Bam Adebayo ‘feel like Superman’ on Miami Heat

Kyle Lowry

Miami Heat newcomer Kyle Lowry seems to have high hopes for his potential impact on rising star Bam Adebayo.

It sounds like Lowry’s top priority is to make sure his teammates are in the best mental space possible when on the court. That’s a key component to success for any player.

Adebayo is on a great trajectory, but if he wants to take his game to the next level, a little bit of added confidence could go a long way. He is hoping to improve his post play and jump shot this offseason. Doing so would make him an extremely well-rounded player.

In the 2020-21 season, Adebayo averaged 18.7 points, 9.0 rebounds and 5.4 assists per game. He made 57.0 percent of his shots from the field and 25.0 percent of his shots from deep. The Heat would benefit greatly if he were to improve those shooting clips.

As for Lowry, he seems to be taking over a leadership role with Miami already.

The veteran has been in the NBA since the 2006-07 season. He already has one NBA title to his name, and with the Heat, he is searching for a second one.

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