9 Big Men Heat Could Sign to Potentially Replace Hassan Whiteside

9 Big Men Heat Could Sign to Potentially Replace Hassan Whiteside

Pau Gasol Miami Heat

9. Roy Hibbert

Roy Hibbert Miami Heat

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Hibbert may be last on this list, but his size and potential grants him a mention. We all know that Hibbert is a shell of his former self. His stint in Los Angeles was not a successful one, but then again, no one and nothing was successful in L.A. last year. In Indiana, Hibbert averaged double-digit scoring and more than a block-and-a-half per game for six straight years. Does he tend to shy away from big moments? Yes. Does he look like the smallest 7’2″ center you’ve ever seen? Yes.

Regardless, he’s still seven-foot-two! It may be a long shot, but if the former Heat rival can work in a system that fits his game, there is a chance he can find success. He is still relatively young at 29 years of age and he’s an unrestricted free agent that the Lakers are likely to dump in the coming weeks. Hibbert, at the very least, is worth sitting down with if all else fails.

While these big men each bring something special to the table, it’s no secret that Whiteside is the top priority for Miami. Riley and company will do everything they can and more to secure him, but the sad fact is, it may not be enough. Whiteside has never been a highly-coveted free agent and this is his chance to be the center of attention. Right now, it seems like Whiteside is relishing the moment, which is all the more reason for the Heat to look into these nine big men and be prepared for the worst case scenario.

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