5 Bold Predictions for the Miami Heat's Final Stretch

5 Bold Predictions for the Miami Heat’s Final Stretch

1. The Miami Heat will reach the NBA Finals.

Hassan Whiteside Miami Heat

At the beginning of the season the Eastern Conference Finals appeared to have been the ceiling for this Heat team. After showing inspired play over the last few weeks and the possibility of Bosh returning this season, the Heat could make a serious run come playoff time and make the finals.

Although the Cavs are the overwhelming favorite, recent losses to Detroit, Toronto, Washington and Memphis as well as reported disconnection between LeBron James and Kryie Irving have the team looking more vulnerable than ever. Since Tyronn Lue took over as the head coach, the reigning Eastern Conference champs have gone 17-7 after starting the season 30-11 with David Blatt. The Cavaliers have some work cut out for them in the coming months and facing a clicking team like the Heat could be a massive problem.

Despite the insignificant play and injuries, the Heat have the right amount of depth to match up with any team in the playoffs. With a championship-leveled coaching staff and playoff-experienced players the Heat are more than a dark horse candidate in the East. In the playoffs, every successful team needs a star and the Heat have that in seasoned veterans Wade and potentially Bosh as well as a closer in Joe Johnson. Plug in the league’s top shot blocker in Whiteside, a thriving point guard in Dragic, a budding rookie star in Justise Winslow and the All-Star revival in Deng and the Heat could very well knock off James and the Cavs in the playoffs.

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