Meyers Leonard: ‘I would be ecstatic if I could play for the Miami Heat again’

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Former Miami Heat big man Meyers Leonard recently revealed that he would be “ecstatic” if he ever got the chance to play for the Heat again.

Leonard, of course, saw his stint with the Heat come to an end after he was heard using a horrific anti-Semitic slur during a video game live stream.

“I would be ecstatic if I could play for the Miami Heat again,” Leonard said. “I fell in love with that place. I really did. My wife and I love it there. Micky Arison, the Arison family is incredible. Pat Riley, Andy Elisburg, Adam Simon, the rest of the front office, Spo (Erik Spoelstra) and his entire staff, there’s something about the culture there that is just me. … I can only be hopeful that people will allow me to bounce back from a mistake.”

After Leonard was heard using the slur, he was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder. There, he was waived. Leonard is a free agent today, and it looks like he might enter the 2021-22 regular season without a team.

In the aftermath of the incident, Leonard has made a big effort in getting involved with the Jewish community.

The future of the former first-round pick’s NBA career is a mystery. Even before he was heard using the anti-Semitic slur, he was having a rocky stint in the league.

The 29-year-old has career averages of just 5.6 points and 3.9 rebounds per game. It remains to be seen if he will play in the NBA again.

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