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Duncan Robinson slams role social media plays in how fans see certain NBA stars

Duncan Robinson Miami Heat

Miami Heat guard Duncan Robinson is taking issue with the role social media plays in the NBA.

More specifically, he isn’t a fan of the idea that NBA players who use social media to show off their workouts are somehow more dedicated than those who don’t.

Robinson offered his comments during his podcast and noted that social media posts often offer a skewed perspective.

“Here is a fun fact,” Robinson said. “Workouts still happen if it doesn’t exist on social media. I know that’s really hard for people to wrap their minds around.”

Robinson explained that what upsets him the most is the idea that players who choose not to post about their workouts somehow lack a strong work ethic.

“It is an incredibly curated feed that not only does it deviates from the truth, but it’s probably the opposite of the truth in many cases,” Robinson said.

Robinson admitted that he used to post about his own workouts on social media prior to entering the NBA. However, it’s clear that his opinion on the matter has changed dramatically.

Robinson is a restricted free agent this offseason and could end up heading elsewhere. Given his ability to connect from beyond the arc, there’s no doubt that other teams around the league are interested.

However, it seems clear that whatever happens, he won’t be worrying about whether or not his workouts are captured for a social media audience.

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