Miami Heat News: Heat Plan to Save $2.9 Million Exception for Midseason Acquisition

Miami Heat News: Heat Plan to Save $2.9 Million Exception for Midseason Acquisition

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After one of the worst offseasons in Miami Heat history, Heat president Pat Riley is consequently going to be a lot more cautious moving forward. Instead of using the team’s $2.9 million room exception now, the Heat plan to save it for later on in the season.

Transcribed by Anthony Chiang of the Palm Beach Post, Riley digs into his reasoning for not wanting to make a move now:

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“As far as the $2.9 million room exception, we’re going to hold on to that,” Riley said at a press conference Saturday. “It’s a little jewel right now. I don’t think we’re going use it for the rest of the summer. There isn’t anybody out there right now that I want to give it to. It’s something you can use somewhere in February or March.”

Although the Heat did not land any big players in free agency, their current team salary is over $100 million dollars. The Heat recently signed a bevy of youngsters from their summer league squad, including Okaro White, Rodney McGruder and Stefan Jankovic, which currently puts the roster at 17 players.

If the Heat can fight for a playoff spot next season and get close to making the playoffs, Riley might bring in a guy or two to augment the roster. Last season, the Heat did that by bringing in Joe Johnson, Dorrell Wright and Briante Weber.

The Heat’s current mix of players might look different, however the strategy implemented could be the same. Although admittedly, they could certainly use more of a veteran presence in the locker room. Chris Bosh and Udonis Haslem are the only players over the age of 30 on the team.

Bosh’s playing future is still up in the air and Haslem hasn’t been a productive force in years. In addition, Goran Dragic, who just turned 30 in May, is still trying to establish his presence and may not be ready to be the leader the Heat are looking for. Therefore, don’t be surprised if the Heat bring in a veteran midway through the year.
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