Report: Nikola Jokic’s brothers bought tickets to come to Miami to be at next Nuggets-Heat game

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On Monday night in Colorado, Denver Nuggets star Nikola Jokic took an egregious cheap shot at Miami Heat forward Markieff Morris and earned himself a one-game suspension.

Now it appears he will have some reinforcements show up for the rematch between both teams in South Florida later this month.

In the closing minutes of the game on Monday, Morris pushed Jokic as both were running down court. Jokic took exception and knocked Morris to the ground just a couple of seconds later.

Morris was visibly shaken up, and a stretcher was even brought onto the hardwood because it was feared he might’ve suffered a serious injury.

Luckily, Morris got up and walked off under his own power. He will, however, miss the Heat’s next game against the Los Angeles Lakers due to whiplash.

After the incident, the brothers of both players exchanged trash talk on social media.

Hopefully, what was already an ugly incident won’t devolve into something even worse when the Heat host the Nuggets.

Despite getting blown out by Denver on Monday, the Heat are 7-3 and have one of the best records in pro basketball.

There is a growing feeling that, at least right now, they may just be the best team in the NBA. In fact, one former player claimed just that recently on social media.

Jimmy Butler and Tyler Herro are certainly doing their jobs to try to make the Heat the class of the league. Butler is playing like an MVP, and Herro is making a strong case for being the Sixth Man of Year.

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