Nikola Jokic’s brothers and Marcus Morris trade barbs via social media, indicate they’re willing to fight each other

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On Monday, the Miami Heat and Denver Nuggets made waves across the basketball world.

In the closing minutes of their game, Heat big man Markieff Morris committed a hard foul on Nuggets superstar Nikola Jokic, and immediately after, Jokic decked Morris from behind.

Both players were ejected from the game.

The incident was one of the biggest stories of the night in the NBA, and unsurprisingly, it caught the attention of Morris’ twin brother Marcus.

Marcus Morris took to Twitter to voice his disgust with Jokic.

Marcus Morris also made his voice heard on Instagram. After a user commented, seemingly as a joke, that Jokic’s brothers were going to get involved, Marcus Morris responded by saying that he hopes they do.

Marcus Morris

Jokic’s brothers are widely regarded as intimidating folks, and it looks like they sent out a tweet on Tuesday in response to Marcus Morris’ comments on social media.

This is certainly a wild story, and it’ll be worth monitoring. It’s probably safe for fans to assume that there will be bad blood between the Nuggets and Heat for the rest of the season.

The two teams will play again later this month in Miami. The matchup is a few weeks away, and emotions might still be running high by the time the game arrives.

In the meantime, the Heat will look to continue their hot start to the season. Miami is 7-3 through 10 games and will hope to earn a win on Wednesday against the Los Angeles Lakers.

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