Report: Miami Heat 'not ruling anything out' when it comes to potential Victor Oladipo return - Heat Nation

Report: Miami Heat ‘not ruling anything out’ when it comes to potential Victor Oladipo return

Victor Oladipo Miami Heat

In the wake of positive news on when Victor Oladipo may be ready for full-contact action again, the Miami Heat are reportedly “not ruling anything out” when it comes to re-signing the pending free agent.

The surgeon who performed the tendon surgery on Oladipo indicated that the veteran could be back to engaging in full-contact activity by November.

Given the uncertainty over the 29-year-old Oladipo’s future, other teams may look elsewhere before investing any large sum of money in the veteran guard.

That scenario is why maintaining a dialogue with Oladipo, who will rehabilitate the repaired tendon with Heat doctors, is part of the team’s plan.

Prior to his first quadriceps injury in 2019, Oladipo had developed into a top-notch player and had been the object of interest by the Heat.

In March, the Heat acquired Oladipo from the Houston Rockets, but his time in a Heat uniform was short, ending on April 8, when he suffered a non-contact injury against the Los Angeles Lakers.

That injury led to the surgery that took place earlier this month.

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