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Victor Oladipo’s surgeon offers major update on when he could return to full-contact basketball

Miami Heat guard Victor Oladipo got some uplifting news after the doctor who performed surgery on him indicated that the veteran could be ready for full contact on the court in November.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski noted that Oladipo’s return from tendon surgery is expected to be much more successful than his previous time on the operating table.

“After a second surgery in 28 months to repair his right quadriceps tendon, Miami Heat guard Victor Oladipo could be cleared to return to full contact basketball as soon as November, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Glashow told ESPN,” wrote Wojnarowski.

“Glashow performed the procedure on May 13, and expressed surprise that Oladipo had been even able to play NBA basketball with the previous state of his tendon. Glashow did not perform the January 2019 procedure on Oladipo.”

Glashow offered further explanation himself.

“I repaired the quad tendon and did it a little differently than (he had) it done before,” Glashow told ESPN. “The quad wasn’t really hooked up. It was torn, and I re-attached it. I was amazed he was playing with what he had. I’m very optimistic that I could clear him in six months, by November. I think he’s going to play really well again.

“(The surgery) went extremely well, and it’s healing beautifully. I’m confident he’ll play next year.”

Oladipo reinjured his tendon during a game against the Los Angeles Lakers last month. The injury eventually led to season-ending surgery.

Wojnarowski also noted that even though Oladipo will be an unrestricted free agent at the end of this season, his rehabilitation will be supervised by Dr. Glashow and the Heat’s team doctors.

That continued close contact could bode well for Oladipo signing with the Heat since other teams will most likely have uncertainty about Oladipo’s long-term future.

Over the course of the 29-year-old Oladipo’s NBA career, he’s averaged 17.5 points, 4.6 rebounds, 4.0 assists and 1.6 assists per game.

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