Report: ESPN Analyst Claims Dwyane Wade Will Be Back in Miami After Buyout

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With recent reports saying that Dwyane Wade and the Chicago Bulls are on their way to reaching a contract buyout, many have already expressed their hope that Wade will end up back on the Miami Heat.

It now seems that that hope could very well become a reality.

On Thursday, ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith predicted that Wade will likely head back to the team that he was drafted by and won three NBA championships with once he is granted a contract buyout.

“I fully expect Dwyane Wade to be gone by the NBA trading deadline, if not before, and it’s only going to be one of two places,” Smith said. “He is going to go back to Miami, because they are going to hold that mid-level exception for Dwyane Wade. Pat Riley and them know they should have never lost him. Pat Riley and them know they should have never let that man walk out the door. Yeah they both played a role in it to some degree, but the bottom line is he should have been treated and appreciated a little bit better, he is D-Wade, that is Wade County, and they would have been in the playoffs last year if he had been in Miami. But since that did not happen, they are going to realize the errors of their ways and they are going to get him back.”

Smith continued to say that Heat fans may have to be patient before seeing the all-time great in Miami once again.

“It will either be this season, or he’ll make a pit stop in Cleveland for one final championship run with LeBron James before going back to Miami,” he said. “But he will end up back in Miami because dammit that’s where he belongs and they are not the same without him. Period.”

Watch what else Smith had to say about Wade below.

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A lot must be done before Wade actually suits up in a Heat uniform once again, but if Smith is to be believed, it is only a matter of time.
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