Report: Chicago Bulls Interest in Miami Heat Executive ‘Very Serious’

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Last week, it was reported that the Chicago Bulls were interested in possibly hiring Miami Heat executive Adam Simon.

On Monday, an update to the initial story was offered.

Given what the Bulls are apparently looking to do, Simon makes a lot of sense. One story noted that the Bulls are actually interested in mimicking the Heat’s front office and culture going forward.

Simon, who has worked with the Heat for over two decades, is likely one of the best fits for the job.

Currently, Simon works as the vice president of basketball operations and assistant general manager in Miami.

Other names have been thrown into the ring, but it is clear that Simon is getting very serious consideration from the Bulls.

Furthermore, Chicago is also reportedly interested in poaching both Goran Dragic and Derrick Jones Jr. away from the Heat this offseason.

With the 2019-20 season currently on hold, it may be quite some time before the Bulls can try to make good on their grand plans.

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