Jae Crowder indicates he wants long-term deal from Miami Heat this offseason

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The Miami Heat’s midseason acquisition of Jae Crowder was instrumental in the team’s deep playoff run.

The 30-year-old started in all of the Heat’s 21 games in the playoffs, where he averaged 12.0 points and 5.6 rebounds per game. He provided solid defense throughout the postseason while also serving as one of the team’s best weapons from beyond the arc.

As an impending free agent, Crowder will have the right to choose whether or not to re-sign with the Heat this offseason. He values that freedom and has said that financial security is one of the factors he would consider in deciding where to sign.

“Obviously, I want security,” he told the Sun Sentinel. “The league is an up-and-down league. You never know. I’ve been a part of trades, so I know about security.

“That’s the best thing about my contract last time, I had security in each place I went to,” he said of being dealt four times on that contract. “So, financially, I wasn’t worried about it. But right now, I’m able to focus on that and I’m able to have a say in what I feel like is out there for me.”

Crowder has recently expressed his desire to remain with the team. There are also reports that the Heat would most likely prioritize retaining him on the roster.

However, nothing is set in stone, especially since there is the possibility that Miami would want to keep its cap space open for 2021 when plenty of All-Stars, such as Giannis Antetokounmpo, are set to become available in free agency.

Crowder offered a realistic take regarding this fact.

“So I’m going to obviously give it thought on both sides — having security and my comfort with this organization,” he continued. “So, hopefully, it all comes together from both sides. And that’s what I really want to do.

“But, at the same time, honestly, it’s business. So I’ll leave it at that.”

Crowder then reiterated his wish to come to an agreement with the Heat.

“It’s a great group of guys, great organization to be a part of and hopefully we can work something out,” he further said.

Only time will tell if Crowder can have both desires satisfied.

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