Here’s the lavish 40th birthday gift Dwyane Wade got himself that ‘no one was able to find’

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Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade recently turned 40 years old, and the South Florida icon celebrated his special day by getting himself a lavish gift that was very hard to find.

He got himself an incredibly luxurious car known as a Maybach. However, that isn’t all that is special about the car. The interior of the automobile mimics the outer layer of a basketball.


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Wade has been known as a major lover of lavish cars for quite some time, so it is not all that shocking that he celebrated his 40th birthday with such a unique model. After all, he had to find a way to continue the celebrations. He was also seen partying with Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James.

The three-time NBA champ accomplished a lot in his most recent turn around the sun. Most notably, Wade announced that he was joining the ownership group of the Utah Jazz back in April.  He accomplished many other great things throughout the year as well, but becoming an NBA owner was surely the most newsworthy.

While some Heat fans did feel somewhat betrayed by the move, Wade has made it clear that he will always have nothing but love for the Heat franchise and city of Miami.

Wade has already accomplished a lot in his incredible life. Without a doubt, the next 40 years of his journey are sure to be just as impressive as the first 40 years were.

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