Udonis Haslem sends warning to Nikola Jokic’s brothers: ‘They better stay in line and don’t come down there and start trouble’

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The Miami Heat will play against the Denver Nuggets on Monday.

It will be the first time the two teams face each other since Nikola Jokic hit Markieff Morris with a cheap shot earlier in November. That has resulted in Morris missing many games for the Heat. His brother Marcus wound up trading social media barbs with Jokic’s brothers.

With reports that Jokic’s brothers are going to the Monday match after buying tickets, Heat veteran Udonis Haslem recently issued a stern warning to them.

“I have nothing to do with that, man,” Haslem said to the Miami Herald. “We’re going to play a basketball game. “That’s over with. I don’t have nothing to do with that. I keep hearing about the Jokic brothers buying tickets to come to the game. They better stay in line and don’t come down there and start trouble. Miami is my city. It’s my city.”

Haslem has already expressed his respect for Jokic and a desire to move on from the issue.

He reiterated that the Heat will go to play basketball, and that Jokic’s siblings should just enjoy the game and go home afterwards if they do intend to attend.

“What the hell you buying tickets for?” Haslem continued. “To come do what? That’s my city. Don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing. Come enjoy the game and take your [butts] home. Ain’t nobody messing with your brother. We come to play basketball.”

Miami has won six of its past eight games and will definitely want to keep the momentum going. Denver, on the other hand, has lost six consecutive matches due in part to some key players missing time due to injuries.

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