Top Five Point Guards in Miami Heat History

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1. Tim Hardaway (1995-2001)

Tim Hardaway of the Miami Heat against the Chicago Bulls

I’m sure you already knew where this list was headed as it would’ve been blasphemous to put anyone else at the top of this list. Heat icon and legend, Tim Hardaway, was the definition of a tough-nosed point guard. At 6’0″ and 195 pounds, Timmy was built like a tank and had no fear when it came to taking it in the lane. Combined with his deadly double-crossover, Hardaway gave opposing point guards nightmares as they tried to stay in front of him. Hardaway saw averages of 20.3 points and 8.6 assists per game in his second season with Miami and was a five-time All-Star. Ask any diehard Heat lifer, and they will tell you, Tim Hardaway was the best Miami Heat point guard to don the black and red.

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