Video: Mike Tyson confronts Boosie Badazz over derogatory comments about Dwyane Wade’s transgender daughter

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Earlier this year, rapper Boosie Badazz made news for all the wrong reasons when he posted a video attacking Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade and his daughter Zaya.

Now, Badazz has been forced to confront those previous statements by none other than boxer Mike Tyson.

“A lot of times I need to shut the f— up,” Badazz said about his previous homophobic and transphobic language.

“Why don’t you?” Tyson asked.

He then challenged the rapper, insinuating that his phobias may be based on his own sexuality.

“Why do you say that about them?” he asked. “Do you feel the possibility that you’re a homosexual and by disrespecting them you further yourself from being a homosexual?”

Badazz refuted that question, and then Tyson hit him with another question.

“If you’re straight why do you offend people?” he asked.

Badazz then once again stated that he primarily attacked the elder Wade and his family because the younger Wade is a young child. By this point, it should be clear that that is not seen as a valid argument by the vast majority of people aware of the controversy.

Though Badazz seems to have experienced little growth on the subject, it is good to see Tyson challenge him on his beliefs. Hopefully, Badazz will one day fully understand what he did wrong when he decided to attack a young girl and her supportive father.

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