Video: Kevin Garnett’s dismissive reaction to Ray Allen walking by him during All-Star Weekend

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During the NBA All-Star Game on Sunday night, the league honored the 75 greatest players in its history with a halftime ceremony.

This, of course, led to a lot of reunions for former teammates, rivals and more. That fact was very much on display when former Miami Heat sharpshooter Ray Allen was called to stand.

Of course, Allen won an NBA title with the Heat after he chose to leave the Boston Celtics for South Florida. He received a lot of criticism and hate from his former Celtics teammates for his decision.

Most notably, he received lots of hate from Kevin Garnett. It seems like Garnett still has some issues with Allen, as he didn’t acknowledge him when the 10-time All-Star walked by him.

This contention has gone on for years between Allen and his former teammates. At times, it has gotten downright uncomfortable. Without a doubt, this is one of those uncomfortable moments. At one point, it seemed like the beef was over.

While the NBA celebrated the greatest players of its history, Garnett decided to take the moment to be petty with a player that he won an NBA championship with.

Luckily, Allen didn’t have to worry about that. His former Heat teammate LeBron James was waiting for him with open arms once his name was called.

Of course, the most iconic shot of Allen’s career arguably came when he was playing with the Heat. With the series on the line in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals, Allen hit a game-tying 3-pointer to keep the Heat’s chances alive.

The Heat went on to win Game 6, and they then won Game 7 to bring another title to South Florida.

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