Stephen A. Smith and Spike Lee issue strong criticism regarding Dwyane Wade’s ownership stake in Utah Jazz

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Last week, Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade made a major career move by joining the ownership group of the Utah Jazz.

Despite Wade’s amazing achievement, sports pundit Stephen A. Smith and film director and New York Knicks fan Spike Lee thought it was wise to criticize and question the move.

“I think about D-Wade and all that he’s meant to Miami. He had to go to Utah to get an ownership stake,” Smith said. “That stuff did not escape me one bit. … You got a lot of these guys that have done an awful lot for these franchises, yet they have to go elsewhere to get an ownership stake in a franchise because the franchise that they represented obviously didn’t want to give them a piece of the action when all was said and done.”

Clearly, Smith was indicating that the Heat did not want to give Wade an ownership stake. He said that despite the fact that majority owner Micky Arison claimed the exact opposite just days ago. In fact, Arison said he was disappointed to hear that Wade had decided to go elsewhere to become an NBA owner.

Immediately after Smith’s message, Lee continued the criticism.

“Dwyane Wade? Utah? I don’t know what happened between him and Micky or whatever, but that don’t sound right,” he said as he dramatically tilted his head from side to side.”

It’s odd that Smith and Lee chose to take this stance regarding Wade’s big news. It would’ve been much more appropriate for them to simply celebrate the incredible moment for the 39-year-old.

Only time will tell if Wade himself responds to the critique.

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