Kendrick Perkins Issues Impassioned Plea to Dion Waiters to Get Career Back on Track

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Miami Heat shooting guard Dion Waiters has now seen his third suspension of the season come and go, and a number of former NBA stars are trying to convince him to get his career back on track.

On a recent episode of ESPN’s “The Jump,” former NBA big man Kendrick Perkins issued an impassioned plea to Waiters.

“Come on Dion, I know you. You’re a good guy,” he said. “I understand we all have flaws and we all have our moments where things are not going our way. But come on, man, chance after chance. Sometimes accountability is everything.”

He then lamented on Waiters’ absence for the Heat so far this season, saying that he’s sure the veteran guard could contribute if he could stay out of trouble.

“It’s crazy, because Dion is so talented,” Perkins said. “And the last two seasons he’s been playing excellent basketball, and for him to let his emotions and his off-the-court activities affect his game, I’m highly disappointed in my boy, Dion.

“Because he could be out there right now, being on the side of Jimmy [Butler], and they could really be dangerous.”

It’s a sad situation for Waiters right now as he watched his 2019-20 season unravel before his eyes without ever stepping foot on the court.

Recent reports indicate that the Heat aren’t interested in giving him any further chances.

However, with a non-existent trade market and very little options in terms of a contract buyout, it might be best for the Heat to give Waiters a chance to see if he can take Perkins’ words to heart.

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