Jimmy Butler’s agent drops hot take on NFL’s new anti-fighting warning

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Bernie Lee, the agent of Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler, has an interesting view on the NFL’s recently released memo warning teams of potential penalties for altercations and fighting before and during games.

According to the memo, organizations whose members engage in skirmishes could be subjected to the forfeiture of draft picks. Of course, that’s just one of the possible outcomes, but Lee took it as a chance to point out a potential flaw with the idea.

Bernie Lee

According to the league, other disciplinary measures may also include disqualifications, fines and suspensions. So, it would probably be in the best interest of NFL players to avoid being involved in such incidents, as it could affect them personally and impact their respective clubs’ hopes of contending for the playoffs.

The NFL has seen a rash of brawls in recent weeks. In Week 6, pregame scuffles broke out in the Cleveland Browns-San Francisco 49ers game and Dallas Cowboys-Los Angeles Chargers game. Other altercations have also taken place recently, which is likely why the league has decided to crack down on the fights.

Fortunately for Lee and Butler, such occurrences have hardly taken place in the NBA. The impact of the “Malice at the Palace” nearly two decades ago may still somewhat be felt in the league nowadays. There have been some clashes between players every now and then, but none of them have ever reached the free-for-all level of the fateful 2004 evening.

Butler has been in some minor incidents himself, such as when he had a heated exchange with Grant Williams, who previously played for the Boston Celtics, in last season’s playoffs. Earlier this offseason, the new Dallas Mavericks acquisition aired his side of the story and revealed how his exchange with the Heat star went. However, Lee called cap on the forward’s story, accusing him of lying.

It remains to be seen if the six-time All-Star can continue to maintain a cool head this season. Miami will need him to, especially since it has championship aspirations after a heartbreaking loss to the Denver Nuggets in the NBA Finals in June.

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