Report: ‘3 Other Events’ Involving Dion Waiters Haven’t Been Reported

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Dion Waiters has already been suspended twice by the Miami Heat on this young season.

First, he was suspended for the season opener after complaining about a lack of playing time in the preseason. Last week, he was suspended for 10 games after reportedly passing out and experiencing a seizure on the team plane as a result of ingesting a THC-infused gummy.

Per a recent report, there have been quite a few additional incidents involving Waiters that have not even been reported.

“This was not just about what happened on the team plane,” said Ethan Skolnick of Five Reasons Sports. “The 10-game suspension, this is a culmination of events, two of which have kind of been widely reported this year, which was the Instagram stuff about Erik Spoelstra and the stuff on the bench during the preseason game. But I have been told that there have been three other events that have not been publicized.”

He was then asked if all three unreported events had taken place this season.

“Yes. So this was kind of like the last, last, last, last straw,” he said.

If fans didn’t already know, things are not looking good for Waiters in Miami. While a trade may be hard to come by right now, the Heat will surely look to part ways with the troubled veteran.

Whether or not they are able to do so remains to be seen.

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