Report: Tyler Herro not considered ‘off the table’ in potential James Harden deal

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The James Harden rumors are swirling wildly, and the Miami Heat have found themselves near the center of the storm.

While a previous report indicated that the Heat would not be willing to include Tyler Herro in a deal for Harden, ESPN’s Zach Lowe recently changed the narrative.

Lowe appears to be confident that the Heat would jump at the opportunity to acquire Harden, even if it meant parting ways with a talented youngster like Herro.

It’s certainly a rational belief. No matter how high Herro’s perceived ceiling is, chances are good he’ll never be quite as potent an offensive player as Harden is.

Moreover, Harden is without a doubt the player a team would want if it was looking to win now. Considering the Heat advanced to the NBA Finals last season, the window to get a title is clearly wide open.

For Heat fans, it would be sad to bid farewell to a talented player like Herro. That’s especially true because he has endeared himself to the city of Miami and seems to love being a part of the Heat organization.

However, basketball is a business in the NBA. Without a doubt, the smart business decision would be to acquire Harden at almost any cost.

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