Tyler Herro Explains How He’s Earned Jimmy Butler’s Trust

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The trust that Jimmy Butler has in rookie Tyler Herro played a huge role in the Miami Heat’s overtime win over the Chicago Bulls on Sunday night.

First, Herro hit a go-ahead 3-pointer late in regulation thanks to a pass from Butler.

Herro then dominated the subsequent overtime period, hitting three huge three-point shots in the frame. Two of those shots came as a result of Butler assists.

Following the game, Herro explained what has helped him earn his All-Star teammate’s trust.

“I think a combination of different things,” Herro said. “Just coming in every day with the same attitude and being there for the vets, whatever they need is one thing. And then just coming in, working hard and showing that I can hang around and prove myself.”

According to Butler, he simply trusts his teenage running mate because he’s seen what he can do in practice.

“I’ve seen Tyler shoot and make those shots over and over again in practice, after practice,” Butler said. “In the game, it’s easy, you take what the defense gives you. Hell, he was so wide open and he had it going. We need him to play like that. He’s big for us as of late. When it comes to handling the ball and making shots, you would think he has been in this league for more than a couple months.”

Looking back, it’s clear that Herro’s pursuit of earning Butler’s trust and respect was a primary goal of his this past offseason. Even before Miami’s preseason practices began, the two were training together in both Chicago and Miami.

Since then, their relationship has grown both on and off the court. Butler often celebrates Herro on Instagram. The University of Kentucky product often leaves messages of appreciation.

On Monday, Butler dedicated an entire post to Herro’s late-game heroics. Herro responded with a simple message, calling Butler “my brother.”


This blossoming friendship is sure to only grow more special as the games continue this season.

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