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Top Moments From Round 1

LeBron Giving Props to Michael Jordan

Albeit the quickest and arguably the least entertaining series of the first round of NBA Playoffs. We were still lucky enough to witness the Miami Heat doing Miami Heat things.

Here are some of the top moments from Round 1 of the Heat-Bobcats series:

1. Josh “Hitman” McRoberts receives a “common foul” for delivering a vicious elbow to the neck of LeBron James.


2. LeBron James stares down Michael Jordan on the break-away dunk as if to say, “Michael, I’m coming for your GOAT status.”

3. The Miami Heat players wear their warm-up jerseys inside out to silently protest against Donald Sterling and his racial slurs.

4. LeBron’s ri-dunk-cu-lous fast break jam.

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