Kyle Lowry reveals how strong friendship with Jimmy Butler played big role in him joining Miami Heat

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Kyle Lowry became a member of the Miami Heat this offseason, and he recently mentioned that his strong connection to Jimmy Butler played a key role in getting him to Miami.

Butler’s influence helped Lowry decide where he wanted to end up.

The 35-year-old said that his relationship with Butler influenced his decision “a lot. A lot. Me and Jimmy, we’ve been talking about this for a long time now. He was continuing to chirp about it and talk to me about it [this summer].

“But as a true friend, it doesn’t matter what decision I made; he was going to support me,” Lowry said. “But he was really on me about coming to the Heat and fulfilling some things that we talked about before. Now I’m looking forward to the opportunity to actually get back on the same team besides the Olympic team.”

This offseason, Lowry secured a lucrative three-year deal, which certainly made his decision easier. However, his continuing bond with Butler, which includes serving as godfather to Butler’s daughter, was an overriding aspect of his decision.

Lowry is well aware of Butler’s abrasive style, but he knows that it’s related to Butler’s insatiable drive to win a championship.

Any concerns about Lowry being able to make a smooth transition into the Heat lineup should be eliminated due to his strong chemistry with Butler. That could be a determining factor in how well the Heat are able to navigate the upcoming season and how deep of a playoff run they make.

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