Kyle Lowry offers interesting reason why Jimmy Butler swears so often

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Miami Heat newcomer Kyle Lowry recently offered his take on why Jimmy Butler swears so often.

Lowry thinks Butler uses expletives as a means of motivating himself.

“I partly think it’s to get him going, because he’s got to get himself going somehow some way, which is dope,” Lowry said to Jonathan Abrams of the New York Times.

Lowry added that “some people can’t take it” and explained that some folks develop negative opinions of Butler as a result of his language. Lowry doesn’t feel that way, however.

“Nah, it’s just how he is,” he said. “Everybody has different demands on themselves.”

Butler has one of the bigger personalities in the NBA, and sometimes, he seems to rub people the wrong way. However, it seems like Butler’s teammates enjoy being around him.

Butler and Lowry are very close. In addition to being teammates, Butler chose Lowry to be his daughter’s godfather earlier this year. It’s clear that the two players have a tight relationship.

The Heat are 1-0 on the year, and optimism seems high around the organization. Miami looked great in its first game of the year against the Milwaukee Bucks.

The Heat will look to grab another victory on Saturday against the Indiana Pacers.

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