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Dwyane Wade Shows Off Newest Tattoo on His Left Knee

Miami Heat Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade has revealed his latest tattoo on social media with the Way of Wade logo prominently inked on his left knee.

With the logo permanently tattooed on his body, the Miami Heat legend joked that a logo change can’t happen anymore. He posted the reveal on his Instagram story recently.

Dwyane Wade Tattoo

The logo means a lot to Wade, who has a unique style. In an interview with STACK, Wade’s designer, Eric Miller, revealed what the Way of Wade logo represents.

“It’s like, OK, D-Wade is dressed up,” Miller said. “He’s that stylish athlete. He likes to get fitted. He likes to really appreciate the suits and the type of fashion that he’s brought to the NBA, and a lot of the time, that comes with a bow tie or with a tuxedo. So we brought the DW as a bow tie and that’s the monogram.”

The fresh ink lands just below a tattoo on his thigh, one that was inked a few months ago. On it is his famous quote, “My belief is stronger than your doubt.”

Wade’s first tattoo, however, came last year when his daughter, Kaavia James, was born. He had her name tattooed on his shoulders prior to the start of his final season in the league.

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