Dwyane Wade Gets His Own Famous Quote Tattooed on His Thigh

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Dwyane Wade is celebrating his retirement with a brand new tattoo.

The Miami Heat legend had his famous quote, “My belief is stronger than your doubt,” tattooed on his thigh. The quote obviously means a lot to Wade and serves as motivation.

Wade has yet to post a photo of his tattoo to his own social media, but tattoo artist Tatu Baby posted a picture of the fresh ink. In addition to the quote, the tattoo features street signs with references to important places in Wade’s life like Marquette and “Wade County.”


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Wade seems to be living his best life in retirement. Following his final game, the Heat legend was seen with Carmelo Anthony partying it up in New York City.

Wade spent his final season giving back to the fans and embracing the moment. Now that it’s all over, he has the chance to relax and enjoy himself.
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