Predicting the Miami Heat's 15-Man Roster for the 2015-16 Season

Predicting the Miami Heat’s 15-Man Roster for the 2015-16 Season

Miami Heat Team in Warmups

Power Forward

Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat

Starter: Chris Bosh

Reserves: Josh McRoberts, Udonis Haslem

Chris Bosh will slide back to his natural four position now that Hassan Whiteside is a proven commodity.

With Bosh as the starter, Josh McRoberts will return after missing virtually the entire season due to a serious knee injury. When McRoberts signed a multi-year deal with Miami last summer, it was with the expectation that he’d be a part of the starting five.

Things change quickly in the NBA and McRoberts will likely be looked to as a sixth-man of sorts as a power forward off the bench.

The 12-year veteran Udonis Haslem will be looked to as the team’s fifth big man and for tough minutes when needed.

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