How the Miami Heat Have Mastered the Month of March

How the Miami Heat Have Mastered the Month of March

Dwyane Wade and Josh Richardson

5. Miami Is Averaging 110.9 Points Per Game

Miami Heat vs. Toronto Raptors--March 12, 2016

In February, the team averaged only 101.5 PPG. In January, a mere 93.9 PPG. The uptick in numbers is largely due to the addition of Joe Johnson, but also the uptick in play of Deng, Richardson and Whiteside.

If the Heat continue to surge like this, they will be a serious headache for anyone they face in the playoffs. The Eastern Conference standings are as tight as can be right now, particularly when it comes to the three-through-six spots. Currently, Miami is fourth in the standings with a record of 43-30. The Atlanta Hawks are also surging as of late and hold the third spot with a record of 45-30. Meanwhile, the Boston Celtics hold the fifth spot, while the Charlotte Hornets hold the sixth spot, with records of 43-31 and 42-31, respectively.

It will be interesting to see how the team manages its current chemistry and efficiency if Bosh returns for the playoffs. At the moment, his return has not been ruled out and players are staying positive that, at the very least, a return come playoff time is possible. If that’s the case, it will be hard to see many teams outlasting Miami in a seven-game series, including the conference-leading Cleveland Cavaliers, who tend to struggle mightily in Miami.

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