How the Miami Heat Have Mastered the Month of March

How the Miami Heat Have Mastered the Month of March

Dwyane Wade and Josh Richardson

3. The Heat Have a Record of 10-4 in March

Joe Johnson and Amar'e Stoudemire

The team has a very strong chance to go 11-4 when they face the bottom-dwelling Los Angeles Lakers on March 30th, too. You have a second-round rookie pick (Richardson) and a guy who was playing at the Charlotte YMCA (Whiteside) a year and a half ago to thank for this. While Richardson is certainly doing his thing in March (we’ll touch more on that in a bit), Whiteside has tallied 237 blocks this season. That’s 73 more than DeAndre Jordan, who is in second place right now. Couple that with his recent scoring and rebounding efforts and you have the makings of a top-three NBA center, leading his team to new heights.

Wade had this to say about Whiteside after Tuesday night’s win vs. the Brooklyn Nets:

“He’s going to different levels that a lot of people haven’t seen,” Wade said, “I’m happy for the way he’s approached it. He’s getting better and better and better with his maturity. And his basketball is really going to another level. In my eyes, looking around the league, he’s the defensive player of the year.”

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