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Video: Dwyane Wade Seen Training With and Mentoring Josh Hart

Dwyane Wade and Josh Hart

Dwyane Wade won’t be suiting up for the Miami Heat this season, but he’s spent much of his summer on the basketball court nonetheless.

In a video that surfaced on Tuesday, Wade was seen training with New Orleans Pelicans youngster Josh Hart.

Early on in the video, an off-camera voice asks to confirm if Wade has in fact retired from the NBA. Wade’s response runs in line with everything we know about the three-time champion.

“I’m like you, I can’t stay out of the gym,” Wade says with a smile.

The video goes on to show Wade offering some sagely offensive wisdom to the Pelicans guard.

For Hart, it’s certainly knowledge to soak up. Going into last season with the Los Angeles Lakers, Hart was thought to be one of the more exciting unknowns in the league. He got off to an incredibly promising start, reaching double-digit point totals in each of the Lakers’ first five games of the season.

That was perhaps his most impressive streak of the season, however, as he finished the campaign averaging just 7.8 points per game.

This season, he’ll be competing for playing time on one of the youngest and most exciting rosters in the NBA.

To get the playing time he certainly desires, Hart would do well to listen to everything Wade has to say.

As for Wade, it will be fascinating to see how he scratches his basketball itch once all of his NBA buddies have to go back to work.

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