NBA insider: ‘It wouldn’t surprise me if [the Miami Heat] consider moving [Tyler] Herro back to the bench’

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When the Miami Heat signed guard Tyler Herro to a four-year deal worth $130 million, the assumption was that he would be a mainstay in the team’s starting lineup for the foreseeable future.

While Herro has been in the starting lineup in the 2022-23 regular season so far, NBA insider Brian Windhorst would not be shocked if the team considered moving him back to a sixth man role.

Windhorst began by stating that Herro being in the starting lineup has not helped the team defensively.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if they consider moving Herro back to the bench,” he said. “They’ve had Max Strus, who was their starter last year, on the bench. He’s been coming off the bench.”

Surely, Herro would be disappointed if he were to be tasked with a role coming off the bench again. He made it clear throughout the 2022 offseason that he believed he’s earned the role of a starter for the Heat this season.

On top of that, Herro also recently stated that he believes he is on par with young stars like Ja Morant, Trae Young and Luka Doncic in terms of skill level.

“I think my numbers back it up, and I think I continue to get better,” he said when asked about putting himself on the same level as those players. “But at the end of the day, there’s a bunch of great young players in the league, and I’m one of them, so I appreciate everyone that puts me in that category.”

The truth is that Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra is going to do what he believes is best for the team. If he thinks Herro would serve the team better as a spark plug coming off the bench, then that’s likely the role Herro will ultimately assume.

After all, Heat fans know that Herro can be productive as a sixth man. He’s the reigning Sixth Man of the Year award winner after averaging 20.7 points, 5.0 rebounds and 4.0 assists per game last season.

Interestingly, though he started in just 10 games out of the 66 he appeared in last season, he averaged more minutes per game in the 2021-22 campaign than he has so far this season. He clocked 32.6 minutes per game last season and is averaging just 29.8 minutes per game this season.

There’s no doubt that the Heat have gotten off to a slow start in the current season. They sit at the No. 12 seed with an overall record of 3-5. That can’t all be put on Herro’s shoulders, but he certainly plays a part.

Herro played under 10 minutes in the Heat’s win over the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night after suffering an eye injury. His health will be something to look out for as the Heat prepare to take on the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday evening.

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