Miami Heat’s Udonis Haslem reveals which of his 3 NBA titles is most special

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Miami Heat legend Udonis Haslem recently explained why his 2006 NBA title with Miami is the most special championship of his career so far.

“That was the best one,” Haslem said during a recent appearance on teammate Duncan Robinson’s podcast. “That was the best one. I mean, they all have different meanings, but that was the best one. My impact in that one — nobody gave me a chance in hell against Dirk [Nowitzki], once again, the underdog. And I had a huge impact. Undrafted guy going against Dirk Nowitzki in the NBA Finals. You know what I’m saying? You got Dwyane [Wade] and you got Shaq (Shaquille O’Neal). You got Alonzo Mourning, and I was just as important as all those guys in that series. So, it was a lot, a lot of emotions at that time.”

The 2006 title was the first of Haslem’s career. In that year’s NBA Finals against the Dallas Mavericks, he averaged 6.5 points, 6.2 rebounds and 1.2 steals per game. He made his presence felt beyond the box score with some great defense.

In the 2005-06 regular season, he posted averages of 9.3 points and 7.8 rebounds per game.

Haslem is a three-time champion today. All of his titles have come with the Heat, as he has been with the organization for his entire pro career. He’s 41 years old currently.

Haslem recently signed a one-year deal to return to the Heat for the 2021-22 season. He doesn’t get much playing time these days, but his veteran presence is invaluable. He serves as a leader and is a locker room staple.

He’s hoping to win the fourth ring of his career in the 2021-22 season.

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