Jimmy Butler Throws Jab at Tyler Herro After Altercation With Magic Defender

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Miami Heat rookie Tyler Herro is not only bringing some impressive shooting to South Florida, but also a touch of swagger and toughness.

During Thursday’s 107-98 Heat win over the Orlando Magic, Herro exchanged some trash talk and physicality with Michael Carter-Williams. After the game, Jimmy Butler commented on the altercation.

“He should’ve got thrown out,” said Butler about his new rookie teammate. “If I was the ref I would’ve tossed his little a–.”

In what seems like typical Butler style, it was meant as a compliment, not a criticism.

“I like that energy, man,” said Butler. “The world knows that’s my dawg. He’s doing for the 414, I know about that, I went to school there.”

The 414 refers to the Milwaukee, Wis. area, which is where Herro was born and raised, as well as where Butler attended Marquette University.

The extracurriculars started late in the third quarter when Carter-Williams knocked down Herro while driving to the basket. No foul was called either way, and Herro immediately got up, then hit a three-point shot on the next possession, after which the two exchanged some words.

Shortly afterward, Carter-Williams and Herro got tangled up, which led to the former’s ejection.

Herro didn’t have a very strong game offensively, but he continued to show his outside stroke by making two of his four attempts from three-point range.

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