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Dwyane Wade and Zaire Wade Have Dunk-Off in Gym

Dwyane Wade and Zaire Wade

Dwyane Wade is officially a retired basketball player, and it seems the former Miami Heat star is already enjoying his free time.

On Saturday night, a video of Dwyane Wade and his son Zaire having what looked to be a dunk-off in an empty gym was posted to Instagram.

By the looks of it, Zaire is close to matching his father’s athletic ability.

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The highlight of the video undoubtedly takes place at the very end when Dwyane Wade perfectly places the ball for his son to complete the alley-oop dunk.

Throughout Dwyane Wade’s final season in the NBA, Zaire Wade was there every step of the way. From the All-Star Game, to Dwyane Wade’s final game at American Airlines Arena, the high school basketball star made a point to support his father.

Now, it looks like the gesture is being reciprocated as Zaire Wade prepares for his final high school season.

With Dwyane Wade having a lot more free time these days, it won’t be a surprise to see the two in the gym together quite a bit.
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