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Video: Dwyane Wade Issues Inspiring Message to Graduating Class of 2020

Dwyane Wade

Former Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade shared an emotional moment with his son, Zaire, during the younger Wade’s high school graduation.

On Tuesday, the elder Wade provided an inspiring message to all of the other students who are graduating during this tumultuous time.

“I know that this year has been hard,” the elder Wade said. “I know that you guys have always dreamed of the perfect day. Y’all dreamed of walking across the stage. Y’all dreamed of all the activities that would go on your senior year and a lot of that has been taken away.”

With many colleges and high schools postponing or resorting to virtual graduations due to the novel coronavirus, Wade offered a different take on how this year’s graduating class should view their situation.

“Also understand this: Class of 2020 will always be remembered,” the elder Wade said. “I think this moment taught us all a lot. I think it sat us all down and taught us something. And all I’ve gotta say is we are looking for you guys to lead.

“So, if you guys are going to have a virtual graduation, make it the dopest virtual graduation that we have ever seen. Make these moments matter. Make these moments count, because we are following y’all leads. Good luck. Congratulations on graduating.”

This year has been filled with many changes. Thankfully, Wade offered some great points on how to enjoy it and find a positive side for the recent graduates.

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