Dwyane Wade breaks his silence on Heat sideline drama involving Jimmy Butler, Udonis Haslem and Erik Spoelstra

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Last week, Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra, superstar Jimmy Butler and veteran Udonis Haslem were involved in a heated exchange.

It began with Butler and Spoelstra verbally going at it within the team’s huddle. Haslem then stepped in, and it wasn’t long before the two players had to be separated by their teammates. The incident was quickly defused and no real physical altercation took place, but it certainly looked like things would have gotten worse if other Heat players had not stepped in.

Footage of the incident immediately made the rounds on social media, and it sparked some concerns for Heat fans.

However, when Heat legend Dwyane Wade saw the footage, it didn’t concern him at all. In fact, in his response to the incident, Wade made it clear that these types of incidents are normal in the Heat organization.

“Well, I text Spo right after that and said, ‘Looks like you guys are gearing up for the playoffs,'” Wade said.

Wade then discussed how he had his own battles with Spoelstra during their time together in Miami. He clearly thinks this is all part of the norm for the Heat, and there are very few people that know better than Wade on such a topic.

“Sometimes family have fights, they have disagreements, they have arguments in front of the world because that’s what we’re playing in front of, right?” he said.

Despite their recent slide, the Heat remain atop the Eastern Conference thanks to a recent win over the Sacramento Kings.

Hopefully, the team’s recent clash serves as something that reinvigorates the group as it prepares for the playoffs.

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